The Science, Technology, Engineering Programs or STEP club at Weber State University has the goal of overcoming the shortage of ethnic and gender diversity in science, technology and engineering. STEP aims to provide a positive experience and help everyone succeed in these fields.

If you were a member of MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) in junior high or high school, STEP is the next level of that club. However, you don’t need to have MESA experience to join us.

Participation in STEP has many rewards, including:

  • Access to scholarships to help pay for school
  • Internship opportunities: Get professional experience with STEP partner companies
  • Exposure to careers and professionals in the fields of science, technology and engineering
  • Career planning and help with your resume
  • Valuable experience as a mentor and role model
  • Opportunities to meet students who share your interests

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Contact WSU STEP:

Shoot us an email : step.wsu@gmail.com
STEP Director: Rainie Ingram
Engineering Technology Building (ET) Room 116